HP LTO 6: Tape Vs. Hard Disk

lto 6 (4)You’ll find people who swear stating that there is nothing that may replace them, while others will tell you that hard disks are the future. Here is a comparison between the two that will allow you to select the alternative that is best.

Tape Cartridges

Tape cartridges offer specific unique benefits not found in hard disks, although not without some remarkable downsides.


Tapes offer high capacity for storage. The sixth generation of linear tape open (LTO) reach the market several years back and offers up to 25TB worth of storage. And this is not even the capacity storage that is compressed. When information is compressed, the tape can save up to 625TB worth of data on one single cartridge. Available now for a technology that some think is aging, it can still hold its own against storage devices.

Tape media prices are at the minimum. The least expensive alternative for a company ‘s storage needs is tape. It doesn’t matter whether you factor in the cost of offsite tape vaulting, cassette will emerge as the most economical option available.

Among the best features of data tapes, like the HP LTO 6, is the fact that the longer information is saved on it the less the quantity of electricity used to power it. Discs, on the flip side, are continuously consuming electricity as they’re always on and want constant cooling. After you have transferred data onto the cassette, it could be kept on a ledge up until a time when it’s needed again. Disk backup, will be always buzzing which finally leads to it being worn out quicker than tape.


On the flip side, you may spend a little more time attempting to search for special information on cassette.

Tapes must be kept in good condition in order to keep their usefulness. The cassette may be rendered useless, if exposed to moisture, dust or an excessive amount of heat.

Hard Disks

Hard disks are quite useful in the modern, fast paced digital age, only if you are able to correctly handle the disadvantages.


Hard disks let you recover data rapidly. Finding a certain file on a disc’s system will need a few seconds as compared a tape system. What is more, many companies prefer having their disc systems in-house; therefore information would never have to be sent offsite.

With discs, it is possible to attain high-level security through in-house data centers. There isn’t any worry of losing the info, as the information isn’t being transported everywhere.

You can prevent duplicate information which can be taken out to free up disk space. Removing duplicate info also means you are able to save your data quickly and there will be little have to do full backups regularly.


You may be required to cover the extra electricity they consume because hard disk systems are always on. Not only are they always on, they are also constantly overheating, meaning they need even more electricity to cool off.

Despite the truth that your storage is in-house, it can eat up lots of space and energy. Sending the information off-site will free up storage that may be dedicated to other demands.